You Are Why LessonSociety Is Born!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

LessonSociety finally goes live today after 9 months of preparation and hardwork. We believe it can make a positive impact to you who enjoy learning or teaching.

Our vision is to make the teaching and learning process of everyone easier and better. As a teacher, you can find us beneficial to you in reaching out more students profitably; while as a student, you can find us helpful to you in sorting out your desired teacher effectively.

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Support This Blog

Welcome to the Lesson Society Blog. Our blog’s mission is to publish meaningful articles, guides, and resources that will really make an impact on readers regarding learning journey and teaching career.

This blog is also dedicated to sharing stories written by members of our blog's community. 

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Help Your Child Through Homework Woes

Strategies for understanding how to help kids who are frustrated, bored, unmotivated. 

We used to go to school with a pencil set and a packed lunch, but kids today are inundated with homework even when in kindy. If your little one is can’t cope, here are some ideas:

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Build Your Brain Power!

How to create an environment that helps you think. 

Thinking is a mysterious process. Despite centuries of discussing the issue and modern day equipment like magnetic resonance imaging machines, we are still baffled by how the brain actually works.

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