For Student

1. Why should I book online for a lesson?

By booking online for a lesson, your instruction provider will know you and connect with you directly.

2. How do I book online for lesson?

You just need to register with the instruction provider by providing the relevant info needed to reach you. No booking fee and no need of credit card information.

3. What does an advanced search do?

You can filter the search result by student experience, student age and lesson location thru the advanced search.

4. What should I do if my search does not yield any result?

That happening is most likely the instruction provider that you need have yet to register with us. You may submit your teacher request thru Contact Us form so that we can notify you once it is available. Strictly free of charge!

5. Why should I be bothered to sort by Best Match?

Best Match helps to sort the search result by Editor & Users Rating which are the quality control barometers on all instruction providers. You may use it wisely to help with your selection of the teacher. Having said so, you are fully responsible for your own selection after the thorough investigation, not LessonSociety as our rating might be biased due to whatever AS-IS information provided to us without our own physical inspection.

For Teacher

1. What’s the objective of offering deals at LessonSociety?

The main objective is to attract students who love trying new learning experience with amazing deals. Having said so, all deals offered by you must be exclusive for LessonSociety.

2. Can I choose to offer any deal/discount as I wish?

Yes, you can as long as it advocates fair business practices and ethics. 

3. What’s the Editor Rating?

The Editor Rating is our quality control barometer used to distinguish higher quality instruction providers from the average.

4. When does the Editor Rating happen?

The Editor Rating happens upon the instruction providers apply at a yearly service charge of RM120. The Editor Rating will be revised monthly following calendar year.   

5. How do I get my Editor Rating from LessonSociety?

You just need to subscribe the Editor Rating Service or contact LessonSociety should you need any assistance.    

6. How can I rank top by Best Match sorting?

Best Match is basically sorting the search result following the Editor & User Rating in descending order. The highest score will always list at the top.

7. What are the advancement criteria of Editor Rating?

The Editor Rating is based on overall user's review status available online recognised by us beside our user's review. 

8. How much is the post-sales commission that LessonSociety charges?

Our post-sales commission is very reasonable adhering to industrial standard. Please contact us for further details. 

9. What’s the billing policy?

Your billing that cut off every 15th of Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec will be sent to you via email before every 18th of the specific month. You will have 5 business days to reimburse us and failure to do so may result in temporary account suspension.

10. How can I post my instruction video?

You will first need to upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo then link it back with LessonSociety. 

11. Can I register if I give instruction voluntary not-for-profit?

Yes, absolutely. You may resgister as a free listing (default) account as usual and we may consider waiving all related commissions. Please contact us before you register with us as a voluntary instruction provider. We will be very grateful to hear from you.